Navigating the Journey of Self-Discovery

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Emotional Liberation Through Psychology

While growing up little did I know that feelings also have their language of expression. This revelation happened at 35 when I started studying psychology it left me spellbound because for the first time in my life – I could articulate my true feelings. I found myself expressing through the spectrum of emotions breaking the age-old conditioning of suppressing emotions gripped by societal norms.

Growing up, superstitious beliefs and subtle cues from my surroundings engulfed my thought process. For example, my mom always cautioned me against expressing my happiness to everyone because I would have been looked upon evilly. However, overcoming this conditioning has evolved me into a very honest individual allowing me to convey my feelings with utmost humility.

Recognizing that while my emotions hold significant personal importance, others may prioritise their feelings very differently. I’ve learned not to make my feelings a top priority for everyone.

Resolution: A crucial lesson from this year is the art of not taking things personally.

Physical Health and Wellbeing

During my upbringing, the essential concepts of nutrition—calories, protein and carb intake—were never part of our education. My dietary choices were influenced by prevailing trends and the latest offerings available at restaurants.

Physically, I ignored the signs until my body began screaming through inflammation, joint pain, migraines, high cholesterol, and chronic fatigue. The easiest solution was a visit to the doctor and popping pills.

I understood the importance of consuming raw and natural foods when I went for a retreat to Sharan in the year 2015. I got a real introduction to what real food is all about and saw a significant difference in my health. I reversed my cholesterol levels, my husband’s acidity diminished, my son’s asthma was cured, and my in-laws saw a huge difference in their BP and sugar levels.

The Importance of Movement

 “When I hit menopause I realized that food does play a vital role but we also need to focus on strengthening our bones and muscles via regular movement and exercise. Exercising has become a way of life now and I do body resistance exercises, cardio, and stretches. My only regret is that I wish I had started working out a lot earlier in my life. It keeps me happy and energetic throughout the day.

Resolution: On the physical front, I wish to commit to five days of workouts because my bones and muscles also need fuel.

The Silence Within

In a world echoing with external influences, the importance of quiet time became evident. Sitting in silence, practising Vipassana, I reconnected with myself. In the stillness, the mind, body, and soul realigned. It’s in these moments of self-awareness that true mindfulness blossomed.

Resolution: I want to have a deeper connection with myself with a profound intent. I wish to sit in silence for at least an hour every day for a more holistic living.

Written By : Ms. Nidhi Nahata, 

Founder of Justbe by Nidhi Nahata

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