Reminding you of the days of your childhood, as growing girls, we are instructed how to walk, talk and carry ourselves. As we become wives and mothers, the world expects us to manage everything from children, careers, and the entire family. As working women, entrepreneurs, and mumpreneurs, the bar of expectations is also set very high. Adding to it, comes the unconscious gender bias, judgement, and unsolicited comments. There certainly is no doubt that it’s not an easy road to the top. 

In this journey of entrepreneurship, women find mentors and people whose advice makes the road easier to navigate. In this context, we have curated a list of advice from some most successful female entrepreneurs.

1. Network. Network. Network

Business networking is the most effective strategy to create referrals and build a sustainable and successful business. If you want to build a great and successful business, you cannot do it alone. You need to get over your fear of rejection and network like it’s your damn job. The amount of collaboration and connections that can be gained by a large but close network is invaluable.

2. Prioritize, focus, repeat

Your journey to become an entrepreneur is a tough one and being a woman adds another layer of complexity due to the additional roles a woman is expected to play.  The best advice is to keep your focus on just one thing at a time and learn how to prioritize stuff and not expect perfection at every stage.

3. Don’t be afraid of pursuing an unexpected path

No matter how scared you are, your fears can’t prevent you from doing something, surviving something, or succeeding at it. When we get scared, we forget this crucial truth, “Our fears aren’t in control, we are.” When you keep that in mind, you discover there’s nothing to be afraid of. The goal is to focus on the areas in which your company creates value and makes your customers happy.

4. Know Your Audience

If you want your business plan to succeed, you need to have a complete understanding of who your customers are and the best strategy to reach them. Think carefully about your target audience and explore different ways to provide not only great services or products but also a memorable and high-quality experience.“Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for feedback and to learn more about your market by talking directly to your customers.

5. Look after yourself and Do not forget to enjoy life

Being an entrepreneur indeed makes you your boss, however, you will have your share of ups and downs. You will have times of a lot of pressure, but do not forget to take care of yourself and also enjoy your life as you strive towards success.

Businesses take time to rise and it’s significant to trust yourself. Equally important is learning to accept mistakes will and that perfection cannot be achieved at all stages of the journey. Ultimately, don’t be afraid to take risks and aim to achieve the things you are truly capable of.

-Written by Aditi Gupta


Author’s bio :

A vivacious and lively girl living in Delhi, on her voyage for exploration of colours  in life. A glimpse of what she does: Read, write, eat, Repeat!

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