Colourful Wardrobe – Your Mood Booster

With the spread of COVID – 19, we were forced to stay indoors which can be very gloomy at times. Here is a trick to change the mood – simply change into colourful clothes. 

Colours and emotions are closely linked; they can make you feel happy or sad, hungry or relaxed. The reactions come from psychological effects, biological conditioning and cultural imprinting. The way you want to feel is in your clothes. Here is a list of colours to consider adding to your closet and the ones to let go. 

Yellow (to boost your mood instantly)

Wear yellow when you are feeling down because it is the most energetic colour of all the warm colours. Yellow is not only a happy colour, it also symbolizes hope, inspiration and confidence. If it is overwhelming to wear a complete yellow outfit, consider wearing a small accent of yellow such as a scarf or a yellow bracelet; it will cheer you up immediately. If you are going for an interview, don’t forget to wear yellow in some way.

Orange (to energize yourself) 

Orange has the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. This makes it perfect for mood-boosting and is not as intense and attention-grabbing as red. Orange symbolizes determination, positivity, creativity and success. Just add a pop of orange the next time you have a work meeting or want to get something accomplished. Orange is so unique that it portrays energy yet it is inviting and friendly. 

Green (to relieve stress) 

When you are feeling overwhelmed, adore green to invite calmness and to relax. The colour represents health, new beginnings and wealth, bringing balance and luck. Its’ soothing tone helps to mellow down. Green is also refreshing and reduces stress. To stay calm and relaxed during a stressful exam, add green to your outfit. 

Blue (to calm yourself)

When you want the calmness and tranquillity of a blue lagoon, the go-to colour is blue. This restful colour symbolizes peace, intelligence, faith, and loyalty. However, if you are feeling a little down or sad, you may want to put on something much brighter. Blue is a colour that is both peaceful and calming as well as cold and standoffish.

Purple (for a creative spark)

Purple, a mixture of blue (calm) and red (intense), sparks creativity. It is surprisingly versatile and looks great with bold colours like yellow and even works well with neutral colours like white. The colour is associated with spirituality and intuition. So if you’re having trouble making a decision, wear purple and see what comes to you. 

Pink or Light purple (to ooze romance) 

To ignite the romance between you and your partner, wear pink or light purple. These subtle and tender colours make you feel playful and romantic. Pink makes you stand out and attract the opposite sex. You should consider wearing pink for those first dates. 

Colours to avoid when you are feeling gloomy

This colour should be used with caution. You might have observed that in paintings and movies, shades of grey are elaborately used to show gloominess and sadness. While grey represents maturity, responsibility, seriousness and professionalism, the negative side of it is overly conservative, conventional and lacking in emotion. It is safe and quite subdued, serious and reserved.  

Black and White
The effects of these colours depend on your cultural background and occasion they are worn on. While wearing black makes you feel sophisticated, classy, powerful, luxurious and elegant, in certain contexts, it can also refer to mourning or sadness. In the same way with a few cultures, people wear white for mourning. Otherwise in many cultures, white is to show virginity, purity and innocence. So, wear white clothes for a simple, fresh and clean look. 

Now, that you know how colours can affect your mood, bear in mind changing the way you feel is as simple as changing the colooours of your clothes. To get rid of lethargy, boredom and depression, wear warm and bright colours like red, orange and yellow that can energize and make you feel happy. On the other hand, when you are too hyper, wear cool colours like green, blue, and purple; they will make you calm down. Avoiding grey as well as dark and muted shades of any colours’ this will keep sadness, gloominess and depression at bay.

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