Neha Kabra

Neha Kabra, designer-founder for label Maati, grew up in a joint family, learnt to share, saw the lineage of passing on, sharing the belief that nothing should go to waste.

These habits became the centre of her label. With an urge to create something big, she now creates them with utmost care towards the human body and nature. 

Maati means soil, the name is derived from the Hindi word ‘mitti’. She quotes, “the idea of sustainability is not new like I said we all follow it in our household but people are not aware of the procedure that goes behind a sustainable brand.  The idea behind Maati is to bring a shift in society via smaller changes as they go long way.” One of the initiatives is eco-friendly fashion at affordable pricing, keeping the channels of costing and the people involved very transparent. 


Maati by Neha Kabra is a contemporary womenswear label from Udaipur, Rajasthan that understands the balance between efficiency and expression. With a simple application, Maati uses pure and effortless silhouette bringing out the best in people.  Every garment in Maati is created creatively with a sense of wearability. It wants to give each style its own identity and thus creates limited styles because less is more. It believes in the philosophy of ‘the more comfortable you are, the more productive you will be’. 

Along with style, Maati also experiments with traditional Indian printing techniques which are hand done by local craftsmen hence creating every piece slightly different from another. So what you own is Unique. Maati believes in transparency hence, the complete cycle of making a garment is transparent.

Maati is a label that not only creates sustainable clothing but also working for women empowerment and is also working for rich local crafts and textile of India. 

Maati is also an environmentally friendly, PETA verified brand. At every step, it tries to be cautious and keeps the agenda of sustainability. A part of the fabric is up-cycled. The dyes and print colours used are natural without harming nature. The packaging is plastic-free.

Maati’s ideology is to grow but, along with everyone else, hence it is a very reliant and honest project with clothing and fashion as its elements. Maati believes in minimalism. It is a small step towards a big change.

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