Shining Star- Prerna Prasad

Prerna Prasad started her career as a TV journalist and worked for almost 8 years in corporate media. It was in 2016 when she went on a holiday to Malaysia and the idea of Ecoplore was born. 

Ecoplore is a curated marketplace for eco-friendly hotels. At Ecoplore, you will find hotels made of mud, wood, bamboo, stone, or any local architecture. All these hotels maintain at least 33% tree coverage inside their campus. They also follow a lot of other sustainable measures like rainwater harvesting, composting, solar panels, employment of local people, etc. 

The eco-hotels have their own vegetable and fruit garden, so you are served with pure & organic food. They also provide several activities in and around the campus like trekking, mountain biking, riverside picnic, village tour, etc. And, most importantly all these properties are located near mountains, waterfall, forests, beaches, mainly offbeat locations.

Thus, Ecoplore aims to blend travel and sustainability to create an unforgettable experience for the customer. Bearing this in mind, the team at Ecoplore has had first-hand experience of over 150 eco-hotels across the country and we can vouch for all the properties we are promoting. All the guests who have travelled through Ecoplore till date have had very happy and satisfactory experiences.

Nature WishesPrerna Prasad

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