Soaring Above the Sky – The Trailblazing Journey of a Female Pilot and Government Servant

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Subtitle: Capt. Poonam Devrakhyani’s Inspirational Ascent in Aviation and Beyond

In the world of aviation, where every journey tells a story of ambition and perseverance, Capt.
Poonam Devrakhyani’s narrative stands out as a beacon of inspiration. As we celebrate International
Civil Aviation Day, we delve into the life of this extraordinary female pilot, entrepreneur, and
government servant, whose career trajectory is a testament to breaking barriers and redefining
success in the skies and on the ground.

Embarking on a Flight of Dreams: A Childhood Steeped in Ambition and Empathy

Capt. Poonam Devrakhyani’s passion for aviation took root in her family home, where dreams were sown in the fertile ground of ambition and empathy. Influenced by her brother, a special child, she learned early the value of inclusivity and compassion. This blend of family values and personal experiences shaped her journey, driving her to advocate for adventure sports for children with special needs, and highlighting her dedication to social causes alongside her professional pursuits.

Championing a Special Cause: Empowering Children with Special Needs

Beyond the cockpit, Capt. Devrakhyani has been a steadfast advocate for children with special needs, inspired by her brother’s journey. Her commitment to this cause reflects her deep empathy and desire to create inclusive opportunities in adventure sports. This work underscores her belief in the transformative power of inclusivity and her dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of those who face unique challenges.

A Distinguished Career: From Commercial Airlines to Government Service

Capt. Devrakhyani’s professional journey is marked by significant achievements and transitions. Her 12-year tenure at Jet Airways, where she piloted Boeing 737 New Generation Aircraft, earned her the title of “Golden Girl” in aviation. Her career took a new flight path with AirAsia India, where she skillfully managed the Airbus 320 aircraft. Demonstrating her commitment to public service, she later joined the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India, as a Flight Operations Inspector, bringing her expertise to a role that directly impacts national aviation safety.

Academic Excellence and Pioneering Research

Parallel to her aviation career, Capt. Devrakhyani pursued academic excellence. She topped her Bachelor’s of Science in Aviation, completed an MBA in Aerospace and Aviation, and earned a postgraduate degree in Aviation Law and Air Transport Management. Her research on AI for Air Safety and CRM for Airlines using IoT & AI, and advancing women’s careers in aviation, highlight her role as a thought leader and innovator.

Beyond the Skies: A Life of Diverse Interests

Away from her professional responsibilities, Capt. Devrakhyani indulges in paragliding, baking, and writing. These hobbies reflect her adventurous spirit, creative flair, and desire to share her knowledge and experiences with a wider audience.

Inspiring Future Aviators: A Role Model for Aspiring Pilots

Capt. Devrakhyani serves as a source of inspiration for those entering the aviation field, especially women. Her journey exemplifies that with determination, passion, and a resilient spirit, the aviation industry’s challenges can be transformed into stepping stones for success and leadership.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Inspiration and Transformation

On International Civil Aviation Day, Capt. Poonam Devrakhyani’s story stands as a powerful symbol of transformation and inspiration. From a young dreamer to a trailblazer in aviation, entrepreneurship, and public service, her journey is a vivid reminder of the limitless potential that lies within the pursuit of one’s passions and dreams.

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