Never Say Die: Neha Bhatt

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Have you ever been to Ahmedabad and especially the Sabarmati River Front????
 There is a very common sight which is very new to the people there One could; see a  young woman selling tea near the tea stall by the name ” Ampu Tea” at Sabarmati Riverfront Event Centre. 
She has happened to take social media by storm with her awe-inspiring grit, bravery and ambition. She lost her leg in an accident 18 months ago and is an amputee. Recently, she started a tea stall called ‘AmpuTea’ given her condition and the desire to not be dependent on anybody.

Neha Bhatt was a teacher in a well-known school in GIFT City in Gandhinagar before she met with an accident when she was travelling between Ahmedabad to Mahuva in Saurashtra in November 2021. 

The GSRTC bus was hit by a truck coming from the opposite side. Bhatt, who was sitting in the front row, was severely injured. She was the only passenger who was critically injured and admitted in Asarwa Civil Hospital.
Due to profuse bleeding and injury, her left leg had to be amputated. This started off an immense struggle in her life. But she chose not to be cowed down, and started a crowdfunding campaign that raised Rs 10 lakh. She underwent several medical procedures and got a prosthetic leg made with the help of the people.

Neha lost her job as she was no longer able to take care of small children as a teacher in a pre-primary class. And so she started selling tea at the riverfront with her parents’ help. “We lived in Mahuva and my father had a modest job. I studied and got a job as a teacher in a school in Gandhinagar, and started living in Bapunagar. During a trip to Mahuva, our bus met with an accident and my left leg had to be amputated,” said Neha Bhatt, who opens her tea stall at 2 pm and does business till 11 pm.

Neha is quite a tea connoisseur herself and also good at business. “At one point, I broke down and thought of ending my life. But then I started to listen to other inspirational stories. I was particularly impressed by the story of Arunima Sinha, the world’s first amputee who conquered Mount Everest, and also Sudha Chandran, an actress and dancer with a prosthetic leg. I appealed to people for funding and got Rs 10 lakh to get a prosthetic leg,” she said. Over time, videos and photos of Neha selling tea have gone viral. People come to meet and support her. “After I lost the job and stopped getting a salary, I had to look for ways to make money and be independent. I am glad that people are with me and I hope to live up to my dreams,” she said.

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