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Smita Jayakar, a very familiar name in Bollywood, a theatre artist and an author of two books namely “Before Tomorrow” and “In everness”. She is also a Spiritual healer.

A lady with grit and filled with lots of positivity.

Who is Smita Jayakar ?

If you ask me this question on a materialistic plane, I will say I am a lot of things. If you ask this question on a spiritual plane, I will say that I am still finding ‘Who am I’?

So what was the most challenging part of your journey of 32 years till now and how did you overcome those challenges?

I have never faced such challenges in my life. It is just Grace that the things just started falling in my lap. I was all over the place and before I could say Jack Robinson, I was everywhere and so much in demand. It was a different high, again in deep gratitude for what I received from the Divine, which I had no clue of.

So there have been no road blocks till now in your life

I lived in a joint family after marriage, so everyone was there to take care of my two sons. They all were very supportive, which I am really thankful for. Barring few challenges nothing major I could remember.

In that case I can say that it’s a blessed package which you have got

I really can’t stop thanking the Divine enough for what I have got in this lifetime which was never in my dreams. This was not my plan at all. When I was studying like another College girl, I always thought of getting married to a nice guy, have children, be a homemaker.

I never thought that life is going to unfold in this fashion, honestly.

If you are given a magic wand with wishes to be granted. What will be your wishes?

See now that I am on the spiritual journey, I would say, my one and only wish is to find out WHO AM I. When I die people would refer to me as a body isn’t it? So this is the same body which was referred to as Smita for so many years suddenly it becomes Smita’s body. Where is Smita gone? Where is she disappeared? I can’t disappear into thin air.

So these questions are still there in me. My search is still going on and I am doing all my Sadhana and processes to find out the Truth behind our existence.

 I keep telling my master Maitreya Dadashreeji all the time that this is what I want to know, ‘Who am I’?

What is the part of your life experience, you would alter, if you had a chance to.

This will sound very strange but believe me because of my spirituality,  I am able to absorb all my ups and downs which happen in life. Had I not been into spirituality, probably I would have been complaining about everything that is happening around. Hence I would have liked to alter everything possible. Spirituality has helped me to understand life better. I would not like to alter anything. Acceptance and surrender come to you when you walk on this path. Life is perfect as it is. Nothing should be altered. If anything needs to be altered is YOU.

Spirituality has balanced your life actually

Yeah, so, that’s why I always feel spirituality is a very important part of human life which keeps you so balanced, otherwise this period would also have driven me crazy, which is driving so many people crazy. But I am on the contrary enjoying it. Some others are also may be enjoying it. Certain things are unfolding about me. Search is going on.  Also, I am doing Zoom calls every day.

So how do you balance the professional and personal life? You are too much into zoom sessions, spirituality, family, films. So how do you maintain a balance?

It is, as I said earlier I was in a joint family, so I did not have any pressure that I have to cook for the people at home and I have to finish home chores, etc. So that was never a problem. Now the boys are big and settled. I have a beautiful granddaughter, who is 5 years old. They are all on their own. So, now I really can do a lot of things. In fact, this is the best time to do anything.

Between’ Before Tomorrow’ and ‘ In Everness’, which is your favorite book?

The second book is written better because you have learnt more, understood more but i am attached to “Before tomorrow “  because it’s my first book.

In short both the books are on spirituality and lot of people who have read these books have felt that, lot of shift has taken place in their lives and it has impacted a lot of readers.

Any more books in the pipeline?

Yes, I am planning to do one more. I take one thing at a time, I don’t think of writing 20 books at a time. It is still in a very fluid stage.          

So how much time, it takes you to complete a book?                 

It took me two years to write one book My problem is you know that …. When I start writing my thoughts, my mind stops and  I can’t write so fast I prefer to talk and then give my editor to write it properly for me.

The editor has to do the job of rewriting & rephrasing it, that’s how I go about.  So I need to have a proper editor, who will understand my thought process and have a spiritual bent of mind.

The first book “Before tomorrow “was edited by Mr. Shiv Joshi, and the second book “In Everness” was edited by Ms. Prakriti Venkatesh. Both of them are fantastic.

What made you write these books on spirituality?

I used to take chakra classes for many years and I always felt, that if I pen down this knowledge, tomorrow when I am not there, it can come of use for the next generation.

 So my advice to you all that knowledge should be passed over, whichever way you wish. It need not be only spirituality. It could be anything else. This is a selfless service. I believe in giving more, than receiving. So I think of various ways of how I can give back to society. I thought writing a book is the best form of giving back. So that’s why I started writing.

So, according to you what is the road map to happiness?

Happiness is a myth, happiness is never outside of you. The roadmap to happiness is inside you. Go inside, go within, it’s all there. Like for example, when the apple fell down due to gravitational pull that’s when Newton realized that this was the gravitational pull. He did not invent it, he discovered it. Got the Difference? Gravity was already there on planet earth. He has not made gravity. He just discovered that this falling apple is gravity.

The same is with us – the happiness, joy, discomfort, whatever is there everything is within us, but an external experience brings out that feeling inside which is already inside us.

Like going on a world tour gives me happiness. So, happiness the emotion is already there. External stimulus has given rise to this feeling inside.

I love doing spiritual things. I love teaching, writing books, and doing something in spirituality.  That gives me happiness. But that does not mean that if I don’t do this, happiness is gone from me. It can’t go anywhere.

What’s your message for women who aspire to do Something different in their lives and create, a mark in society?

 I have a full module on this topic “Empower Women Spiritually”. This is a subject which is very close to me. Unfortunately, women have been suppressed for so many years and they have taken this suppression, which has made them very negative. We have allowed ourselves to be suppressed, to be dominated, and now we complain.

You have allowed this to happen. If you connect with that “Shakti”, which is there inside you, it could be in any divine form the “Kali Mata” Parvati, Durga, Vaishno Devi. Invoke that form of shakti inside you.

Everything, every person, every spiritual master also needs to have a female form with him. The Shakti is that powerful. We can’t do anything without Shakti. Why can’t we understand this? Why can’t we tap that energy? Why are we crying constantly? Why are we in this negative frame of mind all the time? Why are we complaining about constantly? Why are we criticizing constantly?

Like in my case I am a firm believer of “Kali”. I  talk to her like a friend. She is always there with me like strong support. This really gives me immense energy and a lot of confidence.

Your favorite book (not yours)?

“Who Am I?” by Ramana Maharshi.

You spend your leisure time by?

By reading, by watching videos of spiritual masters on YouTube.

Your favorite game?

When I am very tired or bored, I play “candy crush”

Your favorite holiday destination?

My favorite I would say is Austria’s – very beautiful.

Any ideal person you really look upon

My Master ” Maitreya Dadashreeji”

Your strength?

My strength is my attitude towards life.

One sentence that defines you?

Ah! One sentence that defines me….(thinking)….I would say compassionate. I feel a lot, I have a lot of compassion.

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