Unveiling the Business Secrets with Awani Singh, Founder Kashni Creations

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1. What is the inspiration behind  Kashni Creations?

I always had a keen interest in fabrics. Even during my college days I looked up to different fashion designers and aspired to be like them. My father was a doctor & wanted the same for me. However, I never had any interest in medical sciences. What attracted me the most were good fabric and textiles. This profession always gave me joy and delight from within.

2. How did it all start? What prompted you to come in this fashion line?

Some people suggested that I work under some renowned designer, however I wanted to do something on my own & that’s how Kashni creations was born. I always try to create something new and bring the best of innovation in fashion. It is my brand & I am proud of it.

3. What is your range of Clothes in Kashni Creations?

The clothes range from mid range to pure cotton, chiffon and silk fabrics. I always keep the budget of my customers in mind and never compromise on quality no matter what.

4. Tell us about your childhood days?

I had an amazing childhood. As my father was a doctor, he used to keep getting posted at different locations. Hence, our family kept moving. I finished my 12th in Rai Bareilly. I lived in a joint family and I genuinely enjoyed my childhood to the maximum.

5. How does it feel to do something on your own?

I am extremely happy and delighted. Every new project gives me joy. My work doesn’t feel like work to me and I never get stressed or tired of doing it. I feel elated when I see people wearing my clothes and it motivates me to do more.

6. What message do you give to Women who want to enter this business?

Anyone who wishes to enter this business must understand that the fabric and clothing business is relevant worldwide & one must go ahead to give this a try. It’s a good industry if you give it your heart and honesty. In this business, client satisfaction is utmost important. No matter, how fine your clothing piece is, a client can find it not up to the mark, hence satisfying the client is a priority. The industry is growing, can give you money and fame but only with 100% honesty and pure dedication with no compromise on quality.

Interview by : Aditi Gupta

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A vivacious and lively girl living in Delhi, on her voyage for exploration of colours in life. A glimpse of what she does: Read, write, eat, Repeat!

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