Deepti & Shreya : Rest the case

We love to work together, although we would be lying if we said that its all rainbows and flowers, we fight, argue, discuss and then finally come to a conclusion. But that’s what makes us a good team. We make each other think, and that’s the most important part of us working together. We both think differently, our personalities are not similar and that is why we do influence each other’s work.

Shreya– From my mother I have always tried to learn how she uses her heart and mind. She is the perfect example of the blend that you must have for work or otherwise. She is the most hardworking person, and she gives her heart out for everybody. I hope I am like her someday.

Deepti- Shreya’s patience and dedication inspires me. At a young age she has achieved so much, it makes me proud. She patiently takes care of people and does her work with dedication and I think it is wonderful and inspiring.

Shreya- “I think my biggest hurdle with regards to work has been the fact that I started at a young age and most people I spoke to thought my business was a hobby. They didn’t take me seriously. However, I think actions speak louder than words and that is my philosophy with this as well

Deepti- My biggest hurdle I think was, when I became a mother and had to balance my work. Our Business was in its growing stage and I wanted to put my complete dedication to something I loved to do but I also wanted to spend my time with my children. It gets difficult to manage that but thankfully I got complete support from my husband and the rest of my family and we made everything grow successfully together.

Shreya- I think my mother is my source of inspiration. I’m sure most kids think this about their mothers, but my mother is everything I wish to be. She’s intelligent, she’s smart, she loves wholeheartedly and works passionately. I watch her every day since I was a child, the way she dresses, the way she talks, the way she work’s, it inspires me and makes me want to work harder everyday.

Deepti- My inspiration is my father. I have never seen anyone with a stronger willpower than him. I am awestruck by his mind and his expertise. He reads about everything, he’s well informed he can talk to anyone about anything, and he works so hard. He does anything he sets his mind to and that’s why he is my inspiration.

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