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Shipra Bhutada is an expert in user research and human-centred design. She essentially works with business leaders to provide bold, honest, and uncompromising insights about their consumers which in turn helps them build meaningful strategies, next-gen products & services and improvised solutions. 

Shipra is a postgraduate in New Media Design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. After over 14 years of being part of established systems such as Microsoft, Honeywell and D-Labs at ISB, she founded a boutique user research agency,  User Connect Consultancy, to help businesses and products build and create relevant and meaningful interventions.

Through industry partnerships, Shipra aims to mentor and guide growing businesses on their journey towards user research and design thinking. Recently, she was honoured with the ‘Value Partner’ Award by T-Hub, the world’s largest incubation centre by the Government of Telangana, for her contribution towards mentoring their start-ups and corporates.

As we know, a huge part of user research comprises understanding humans, their cultures, motivations, emotions and other aspects which determine their overall behaviour. However, we often neglect this crucial exercise and directly move to build products solely based on gut and then force it via smart selling and marketing.

Shipra firmly believes that the true value of research is more definitive when one influences the creation and decision-making from the nascent stage itself. And, this will define the future journey of any business. 

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