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The Hidden Glow: Unmasking the Dark Secret of Mica in Makeup

#snioecbmicafreebeauty  #micafreebeauty #TogetherWeCan For many women, makeup is a world of self-expression and beauty. A world where shimmering shadows and blush enhance our features, making us feel confident and radiant. However, this shimmering glow often hides a disturbing truth: the exploitation of children in mica mining. As MBA students at SNU, we embarked on a […]

Mood-Boosting Makeup Tips for 2023

As years go by and the makeup and fashion industry are ever-changing their needs and wants. 2023, looks like a fashionable year ahead because of the ever-changing suave styles that have taken over this year miraculously and the top five looks for this year are discussed here. 1.     Coordinate Your Eye Colour With your Eye-Makeup […]

Beauty Brands Supporting LGBTQ+ Community

Pride Month festivities are amping up largely and around the country with pride walks, parades, powerful marches and fabulous merriment for all. The community has also pioneered some of the most glamorous looks and glittering up everything as they head their community through pride. Volition This is a crowd-sourced skin brand named Volition. This has […]

Hairstyles Made Easy via Tik Tok

After being quarantined for nearly two months, Tik Tok has become a worldwide hit amongst all youngsters and the Gen Z. It has a range of fashionable things for girls and women across the world to follow such as beauty hacks, braided hairstyles, on the go makeup and makeup hacks. Makeup tutorials are all going super […]

Makeup Trends for 2023

2023 is a brand new year for makeup too. Trends have started picking up in makeup areas such as blush, contouring and eyeliner making a huge statement in the cosmetics industry. The refractive details showcase how makeup would make one seem like a mermaid or robot depending on the colour shade and palette. Some of […]

Decoding Radhika Merchant’s Golden Lehenga Look For Her Engagement To Anant Ambani

Radhika Merchant, Anant Ambani’s fiancée, looked like a true Golden Athena in her golden lehenga by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. We are guilty but we admit we have fallen for the bride-to-be’s golden look ! Ahead we decode Radhika’s look so take notes as we unravel the look secrets.  Written By : Saumya Singh […]

TV actors share their makeup secrets

In the entertainment industry, we often see actors getting into the characters’ skin through costumes, jewellery, mannerisms, prosthetics, dialogues, and much more. But another aspect that plays a significant role—is makeup, which does magical makeovers to get into the character. Perfect makeup looks and makeup artists play an important role and have been integral to […]

Alia sharma

Hey all, I am Alia Sharma and I am a professional model for 6 years. Since the lockdown happened and travelling stopped, that is when found my calling.  I started as a part-time influencer and started learning about Makeup. That is when I became a Professional Makeup Artist and also a Professional Influencer too. I collaborated […]

Celebrating The Uniqueness Of Love With Pride

June is the month of pride or, in simple terms, where we celebrate and recognize the strength of the LGBTQI+ Community. Love and even life stories of the members of this community are inspiring and groundbreaking. Therefore, to celebrate the language of love and oneness, we asked our readers to share any written piece about the […]

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