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About the Founder

Making the foundation strong. Riddhi Sharma founder of BabyOrgano
Riddhi Sharma – The CEO & Founder of BabyOrgano, and mother of four year old is a new-age
mompreneur who always strives to research the market and help businesses grow exponentially.
She laid the foundation of her venture BabyOrgano when she sensed the huge gap between
modern mothers & the ancient science Ayurveda and vast industry potential. Together with Ripul
Sharma, her husband, and the duo have been working continuously to introduce Ayurveda in the childcare
segment. She realized that despite its magical results and worldwide acceptance, the babycare sector
was still missing out on the benefits of Ayurveda. Corporate IT professionals turned into Entrepreneurs,
Riddhi &; Ripul has 12+ years of rich experience in the IT industry with a successful business in the IT
segment. With the born of their first baby Kayaan, everything changed in their life. They
wanted to assure the best care for the newborn. In search of the best, they got to know about the
5000-year-old remedies and their magical results. With her motherhood experience and IT expertise,
she decided to build the bridge between the Ayurveda’s benefits and modern mothers.

About the Brand
BabyOrgano was founded in the year 2019 and is India’s first D2C babycare brand focused on
Ayurveda’s branch “Baal Chikitsa”. Baal Chikitsa is an extremely important segment as Children can not
explain their problems, the dosage of medicines is different for them and every medicine must be
palatable to them thus every single product of BabyOrgano is launched after extensive research and under the guidance of professional Ayurvedic experts and is compliant with FDA and GMP guidelines. We at BabyOrgano connect with our clients (kids) with modern packaging of their favorite characters and work on every mother’s concerns of long-term overall growth and immunity of their kids with the blend of powerful Ayurvedic ingredients.

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