Warm Meals, Brighter Futures

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How does providing one square meal affect an entire generation?

Turns out that it can go beyond. A study published in Nature magazine found that while there were demonstrated benefits of India’s school mid-day meal program on student attendance, learning and nutrition levels, it was also likely to have carry over benefits to children of mothers who were part of the program.

Large-scale projects around nutritional awareness and access to high nutritional meals are imperative for a nation that has economic growth ambitions like ours. Programs such as the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme and Poshan Abhiyan and awareness initiatives such as National Nutrition Week need widespread patronage and support to ensure that we do not remain home to one of the world’s largest malnourished populations. 

For Transworld Group, children’s health and nutrition is a key social responsibility. Our CSR programs support holistic nutrition and well-being of children up to 6 years of age across 10 Balwadis. Over the last five years, every National Nutrition Week, our employees have volunteered to serve meals to children and adults across several locations in the country.

From a pilot project in 2018-19 to a nationwide drive spanning several states and thousands of children, we have come a long way. Over this half decade, 140+ Transworld Group employee volunteers have served meals to 21,000+ beneficiaries. This year as well, Transworld Group employee volunteers have been instrumental in providing 6438 nutritious meals across eight states.

It is not just one meal, it is the promise of a better future, one that is based on a strong foundation of nutrition, health, and holistic well-being. 

Shared By: Anisha Ramakrishnan,

                   Transworld Group

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