Women Entrepreneurship- the ladies with resilience

Women Entrepreneurship- the ladies with resilience

It’s challenging to be an entrepreneur and even more so being a female business leader. Women who enter into businesses may experience many daunting challenges, including finding a support network that shares their understanding and goals, balancing work and family life, and defying social expectations. 

However, the benefits are countless and so we have astute and highly successful Indian businesswomen like Vandana Luthra of the VLCC fame, in the field of beauty and wellness, Ritu Kumar who excels in fashion and design, and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw of Biocon Limited to name just a few. Entrepreneurship creates the unique opportunity for women to be a part of a community and join forces with their clients in a safe and pertinent way.

Being an entrepreneur is walking on a lonely road. One may have a good support network but an accountability partner is another thing entirely. Solopreneurs and businesswomen can come together to share resources, assisting one another through empathy, a shared vision, skills, and a common mission, and encourage each other to stay motivated and on the path. 

In 2020 two creative and inspiring women who were already established in their respective fields did just that. Edvanta Consulting’s Founder and CEO, Katherine Ernst Mehta, works with high school students and helps them navigate the process of admission, and CEO and founder of JBC INC (Just Because it’s Children), Kavitta B Bedi brings Broadway theatricals for families and children throughout India. These farsighted and sensitive professionals soon realized that there’s no platform for students to showcase their abilities and strengths.

They joined hands to devise a platform that helps students seeking college admission to showcase their special talents or qualities beyond application forms, college essays, test scores, and marks. The result of their brainstorming was ‘Xtraview.’

The idea behind the enterprising duo’s organization was to offer students a solution to overcome difficulties related to admissions. Xtraview enables them to record and share their unscripted digital interviews that project their personality and strengths to be submitted together with written applications to provide a more impactful first impression. The service is also available to job seekers. This makes the selection process easier for job recruiters and institutions taking in new admissions.

Starting a new endeavour always comes with numerous concerns, more because Xtraview was launched during the pandemic. Though it was a unique venture with no other competitors in the Indian market, the team must have experienced hurdles regarding the market reaction. Another obstacle was educating and convincing students and parents about the usefulness of the project.

These dares only encouraged Katherine and Kavitta to develop fortitude and resilience, which helped them to work towards their objective with greater grit and determination. Today several institutes and students rely on Xtraview to make the admission procedure more transparent, straightforward, and fair.

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