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The Bengaluru-based Avadata Organic brand was founded in September 2017 by Anitha Chris Evert and Anand H D. Their goal, to encourage the use of eco-conscious and natural products and create a positive impact on people’s health and the environment.vadata Organics was created from a strong passion to make mankind A live healthier & wholesome lives, using sustainable and plant-based products.

The core philosophy envisioned by Avadata’s approach to sustainable living is grounded in the common belief of living a better life without harming the environment and its wealth of resources. Living a healthy lifestyle is not just about cutting out any junk food. It requires you to get the highest nutrients from every bite of food without the chemicals.

We have drawn from our personal experience with a special child who has a genetic mutation – this got us thinking and research led to the revelation that, the food we eat is one of the main reasons for such illnesses. We were very eager to use our extensive experience in order to encourage the use of eco-conscious & natural products for a positive impact on people’s health and the environment, hence started Avadata Organics four years ago. Vision to propagate the use of eco-conscious natural products, benefits of eating simple, and unadulterated food Avadata Organics is a food processing company besides sourcing superior quality organic products, we also do innovative product development and research on ingredients. We have around 120+ products across categories. Our product range includes: Sweeteners, Oils & Ghee, Blended Masalas, Non-Veg Masalas, Spices Powder, Whole Spices, Rice, Pulses, Flours, Millets, Nuts & Dry Fruits, Pickles, Wellness & Health Products. Our mothers’ and grandmothers’ traditional, treasured recipes have stood the test of time as they are organic and chemical free with no adulteration, no added flavour or colour.

Convinced that the rise of 15-minute meals and Social Media-led cooking would render old recipes irrelevant, we at Avadata feared for our own culinary heritage. We decided to present age-old Indian preparations in easy, ready-to-cook packages. These recipes are hand roasted in an iron skillet to perfection with locally grown traditional spices and packaged in biodegradable materials to retain the authentic taste, flavour, and aroma.The goodness of organic and naturally sourced products might be known to most, but rarely do people pick the eco alternative. Our core philosophy is to showcase the benefits of eating simple. We want to share our vision to propagate the use of eco-conscious and natural products for a positive impact on people’s health.

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