Kopal Kapoor: a multifaceted personality

“Find one area where you could delve deep in, it could be a passion point, decide that for yourself. And then, if you have the right amount of width on top of this depth, you’ll become a more wholesome professional,” quips Kopal with a smile.

Kopal Kapoor is a passionate Architect cum Interior Designer. She is the Design Principal of KOPAL KAPOOR ARCHITECTS, a boutique Architecture and Interior Design firm based out of Delhi and Lucknow.

Since Childhood, she knew that she wanted to be in a career where creative part of the brain comes in action. Being an acclaimed Bharatnatyam Dancer has meant that as an architect she has been able to exude flamboyance in the architecture and interior work that she does. The flamboyance also comes from the international exposure that she has had during her stint at a university in Netherlands. As an architect she believes in using space as a narrative tool to articulate and reinforce a sense of identity. Thanks to the rigorous thought process with a reinforced human dimensionality, she has been able to herald a series of complex interior and architecture projects ranging from retail stores to luxury hotels.

“Life is all about being able to facilitate constructive dialogues and continuous experimentation. The dialogue has to be about everything from your personal life to your work life.” Making this maxim as a life lesson she has been able to Don multiple hats. As an avid swimmer of repute, she carves out time from her busy schedule and pursues her passion for swimming. She is currently the Honorary Secretary of District Swimming Association at Ghaziabad and as an administrator Kopal helps out young swimmers in their career journey. Acquiring one of the semi-finalist positions at Mrs. India Asia Pacific beauty pageant, has all the more appraised the finesse in her multifaceted personality. Blessed with two loving girls, Kopal’s indomitable spirit and solid mentorship have helped her face challenges head-on. She recalls how her openness to learning new things and excitement to take up opportunities have played catalysts in her journey as an Architect &

Interior Designer, and yet there’s a long way ahead for her. 

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