Dr. Graciela De Oto | A role Model & Mentor

For more than a decade, Graciela De Oto has worked daily with female entrepreneurs and women’s organizations at a national and international level to empower them.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Graciela has studied a degree in marketing, as well as having completed an MBA in Argentina and the USA where she also obtained a Ph.D. in Corporate Management. She also has a Diploma in International Relations & Diplomacy and a Diploma in Human Rights & Peace.

Graciela is the marketing CEO of an important corporate law firm. Over her distinguished professional job, she has led multidisciplinary teams supporting the advance and success of other women in their careers through her involvement in several international and regional organizations such as BPW International (Former Latin American regional coordinator), Network of Latin American and Caribbean Women ( founder partner), ABWCI international (Argentina President), Global Chamber of Business Leaders ( Senior Advisor); RIPO ( International Network of Promoters of the SDGs), working in the Regional Coordination team of the SDG N 5, she has helped design and champion leading innovative programs to encourage women´s entrepreneurship in a region where women remain underrepresented in the labor force.

Her permanent concern for the role of women in society was the motivation to create the Suma Veritas Foundation, an organization that connects women with business training and resources that have historically not been accessible to them. The foundation supports entrepreneurs by giving them access and visibility in the local market. Through events and fundraisers, entrepreneurs enrolled in the program are given the opportunity to pitch their business ideas and face real clients. The association has steadily grown as her founder, Graciela De Oto had expected to, having actually Consultative Status with ECOSOC in the United Nations and being Embassy of Peace.

To disseminate and raise awareness about the existing gaps in the female entrepreneurial ecosystem, she has written publications in conjunction with the Buenos Aires City Legislature, the Ombudsman’s Office, and the Ministry of Social Development of the City on the wage gap between men and women in publications that have carried out these organisms. She is co-author of the book “Women in Latin American and Caribbean Organizations “with Latin American businesswomen and author of the book “Find your Passion”, aimed at empowering female entrepreneurs and professionals to be successful in transforming their passions into productive businesses. Recently she has published another book “The four paths of entrepreneurship”, to help women to do the startup of their businesses.

She has also donated countless hours of her specialized expertise to several local organizations as a member of the Commission for Gender Equality Advisory Council of Civil Society of the Argentina Chancellery, Gender Commission Strategic Planning Coordination of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, and the Parliament of Women in Buenos Aires City, from where she promoted projects of law to support women equality such as:

Day for Pay Equity Law (N°2282) created an official Equal Pay Day in Buenos Aires City to close the gap between women and men.

Care Economy Law (N° 4892) to measure the time women use on taking care of parents, kids, and sick people that are not recognized or remunerated.

Her energy, enthusiasm, and continuous search for innovative ways to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of women, prompted her to create the first female coworking in the country and to produce radio programs with a gender focus to give greater visibility to women in all the areas in which they work. She is an outspoken thought leader and advocates for women’s issues which has led her to lecture around the world and be a gender panelist at the G20 in Argentina & Saudi Arabia.

For her contribution to strengthening female leadership and for exercising volunteering in her community, she has received several local and international awards and recognitions such as:

  • Leader for Gender Equality & sustainability, International Network of SDG Promoters, (2022)
  • Link in the Chain of Peace, International Training and Research Center on Human Rights (2021)
  • Star of the South Award, Cultural Corner of Peace and Literary Community, Uruguay (2020)
  • Professor for Peace, International Parliament for Safety & Peace, Buenos Aires, (2018)
  • 21 Leaders for 21st Century Award, from Women`s E news, New York, (2015)
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, from the International Academy for Diplomacy and Professions, (2014)
  • Award of Excellence, Suma Veritas Foundation, Chamber of Commerce of Mercosur. Uruguay, (2014).
  • Ambassador of Peace & Security, International Parliament for Safety and Peace South American Mission, Buenos Aires 2012. 
  • Women of the Year, Argentinian Camera of Small & Medium Enterprises (CAME), Buenos Aires (2012)
  • Award of Community Greatness, for Suma Veritas Foundation -Civil Parliament for Humanity, Buenos Aires (2011)
  • Scouts Argentina Award “Always Ready”, for the work and dedication to the community, Buenos Aires 2011.
  • Ambassador of Peace, Mil Millennials of Peace -Buenos Aires 2011.
  • KM Impact Challenge, Improving the Social Value of Knowledge for Women Entrepreneurs, Recognition Best Case Story, USAID – USA (2011)
  • Noble deputy of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of Mankind Civic, The World Board of Presidents Civic Humanity, Buenos Aires, 2010
  • TIAW World of Difference Award, Economic Empowerment of Women, Toronto, Canada, 2010
  • Best Latin American Entrepreneur, Women in Business Award, New York, 2008.
  • A plate issued by Reggio Calabria Government, Italy, receiving the moral and cultural sponsorship of the Calabria region in Argentina (Prot Gab No. 57,013). Italy 2007

She also works as Ambassador of Peace & Security, Professor of Peace, being Second Head of Mission of the International Parliament of the States for Security & Peace and Ambassador for Human Rights NOHE -UN (Noble Order for Human Excellence), from where she works so that women participate in the consolidation of peace, are better protected against human rights violations, and have access to justice and anti-discrimination services.

She has broken many barriers and touched and enriched the lives of many generations of women by serving as a role model and mentor.

-Team WS

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