Breaking Barriers: Indian Women Entrepreneurs Leading Innovation”

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Swagatika Das – Nat Habit

As the CEO and Co-Founder, Swagatika Das brings a unique blend of technical expertise and entrepreneurial vision to Nat Habit, a skincare brand committed to delivering freshly made, 100% natural beauty & wellness products. After dedicating over five years as an engineer, the

IIT-KGP graduate made a bold transition to consumer-centric businesses, marking a pivotal moment in her entrepreneurial journey. Intrigued by the consumer psyche, she worked with Apple for over two years and later ventured into starting her own social network, Stitchio.

However, her true passion for natural wellness and living, deeply rooted in her family’s medical and agricultural background led her to co-found Nat Habit in 2019. Her unique approach to product innovation, deep formulation expertise, and passion for building a brand has led Nat Habit to make waves in the beauty and personal care space through its focus on freshness, in-house scalable manufacturing, supply chain efficiency, and strong unit economics. Swagatika is a visionary who understands that building a brand is about more than just products; it’s about forming a new habit for users– a Nat Habit.

Malvika Jain – Sereko

Malvika Jain, the visionary founder behind SEREKO, stands at the forefront of innovation in the skincare industry. With the launch of India’s First Psychodermatology Brand, she has embarked on a groundbreaking mission to bridge the gap between the mind and skin, a task that the beauty industry had yet to address comprehensively.

In her relentless pursuit to revolutionise skincare, Malvika is dedicated to offering innovative products that redefine traditional norms. Her vision is not just about cosmetics; it’s about creating a holistic approach that integrates mental well-being with skincare, acknowledging the

profound connection between the two. By recognizing the intricate relationship between the mind and the skin, Malvika aims to provide solutions that go beyond surface-level treatments, delving into the psychological aspects that influence skin health.

At the core of her approach lies a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to thorough research and analysis. Malvika’s journey has instilled in her a valuable skill – the ability to discern the subtleties and intricacies of skincare and mental health. This keen eye for detail has enabled her to develop a tailored and distinct approach for SEREKO. She understands that every product, every formulation, and every strategy needs to be scrutinized and refined to perfection before reaching the market.

Under Malvika’s leadership, SEREKO is not merely a brand; it’s a movement that challenges the conventional boundaries of the beauty industry. Through her unwavering dedication, she is reshaping the way people perceive skincare, emphasizing the importance of mental and emotional well-being in achieving radiant and healthy skin. With her innovative products and meticulous methodology, Malvika is not just selling skincare; she is selling confidence, self-care, and a profound understanding of the intimate relationship between the mind and the skin.

Upasna Dash – Jajabor Brand Consultancy

Upasna’s journey as an entrepreneur started at the age of 27, and within a few years, she built one of India’s fastest-growing integrated comms agencies- Jajabor Brand Consultancy, completely bootstrapped. She had no prior entrepreneurship experience or capital, all she had was a vision to rewire PR and a 1 member team that operated out of a couch. As an organization, JBC operates as a ‘growth-hacker’- one that leverages the power of tailored communications to elevate businesses unlocking measurable business impact. With the help of JBC’s customized approach, companies have been able to raise billions of dollars of funding, onboard top-notch talent, and even become unicorns.

JBC has a diverse portfolio of clients which includes some of India’s leading VCs, Tech Unicorns, Agri-Tech giants, and several upcoming D2C brands. As an outcome, the consultancy

has grown 100% year-on-year. JBC has created an unparalleled impact on the entire ecosystem, by rewiring the outlook of communication. With its industry-first qualitative dashboard, data-driven methodology, and business-impact-driven approach, it has provided centre stage to PR with other marketing functions. Top multi-million dollar companies are currently using JBC’s dashboards. As a consequence of this, young talent is entering the world of comms with a completely different outlook. Upasna’s constant endeavour is to mentor young and diverse talent from Tier 2 and 3 cities to unleash the true power of communication. She truly believes that JBC will not stop existing as long as people are communicating with each other.

Vipanchi Handa, Co-Founder & COO, Novatr

Vipanchi Handa, the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Novatr, is a dynamic leader known for her frugal innovation expertise. With a deep-seated passion for the convergence of design and technology, Vipanchi is at the forefront of driving Novatr’s mission to revolutionise the AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction) industry.

Vipanchi’s impressive journey includes her participation in the prestigious IIM B Goldman Sachs 10K Cohort 6 and her active role in the Lead Tribe program by Blume Ventures. These experiences

have honed her skills in leadership, innovation, and strategic thinking, making her an invaluable asset to Novatr’s growth and development.

Beyond her dedication to the world of business, Vipanchi is a certified workaholic who thrives on the challenges of the industry. However, she knows how to strike the perfect balance between hard work and play, always up for a spirited game of basketball when the opportunity arises.

In summary, Vipanchi Handa brings a unique blend of innovation, leadership, and a love for sports to her role as COO and co-founder of Novatr. Her passion for merging design and technology, coupled with her extensive experience, positions her as a key driver of Novatr’s success in the AEC industry.

Bhavna Suresh, Founder, 10Clubhomes

Bhavna Suresh is the Founder of, a one-of-a-kind start-up that is set to disrupt the $30B Home and kitchen D2C industry. Bhavna’s business instincts and penchant for identifying the right businesses and people make it a force that combines insights, technology, business incubation and financial support to create winning businesses. With 10Clubhomes, Bhavna wants to enable new-age Indians with home products that represent their

dynamic personalities. Leading an INR 100 crore brand, Bhavna want to build 10Clubhomes as the single most trusted D2C brand for everything home.

Bhavna is a millennial entrepreneur who has constantly broken stereotypes and displayed great prowess at building successful startups. She has a keen eye for talent and has proven her credentials in the Asia Pacific markets. Bhavna’s first major career assignment was with Mahindra Group, where she became the first woman to be hired and rose through the ranks to become a member of a 132-member strong national team. After successfully managing various corporate roles, she had her first entrepreneurial brush with a startup called Style Bank which she had founded in Paris.

Subsequently, she founded Lamudi Philippines, a highly successful international property listing portal active across 30 countries. She successfully exited the firm after it was acquired by Dubai’s EPMG in February 2020. She also exited another multi-million-dollar PropTech10 venture in 2020 and is now focused on creating great business success with 10Club, her latest venture that she has co-founded with Joel Ayala and Deepak Nair.

She has an MBA from HEC, Paris and an Engineering degree from VTU, Bangalore. The dynamic entrepreneur is also quite passionate about contributing to society. She is an inclusivity advocate and makes special efforts to practice it while hiring employees for her organisations as well. Bhavna has been involved in philanthropic efforts which included running a shelter home for boys with an eye to reform and mainstream them.

Bhavna is an avid listener and always ready to acquire more knowledge and spend time in the company of people with great ideas, knowledge and potential!

Rachana Gupta- Gynoveda

Rachana Gupta is the CoFounder of, world’s 1st selfcare platform for women that combines Ayurveda & Technology to experience healthy periods, lifelong. As an Ayurveda evangelist & author of a book – Happiness ki Khoj, she’s on a mission to make Ayurveda the world’s first choice for menstrual healthcare & wellness. Women experience menstruation for 30 years of their life. During this lifespan, she faces menstrual difficulties during PCOS, PMS, period pain, hormonal imbalance, infertility, pregnancy and finally menopause. This impacts her physical & emotional well-being. Yet, it’s not given the same level of importance as any other health issue. So, Rachana felt a strong urge to change this narrative and Gynoveda was born. is a selfcare technology platform for women to self-diagnose menstrual disorders using online Period Test, self-learn Ayurvedic remedies and order affordable herbal products for healthy, lifelong periods. Selfcare with Ayurveda is the future!

Keerti Singh, Co-Founder & VP – Growth, Hitwicket

Keerti Singh is the co-founder of Hitwicket and currently holds the position of Vice President of growth within the organization. Along with her co-founder Kashyap Reddy, Keerti built the most dynamic and strategic cricket game in 2015. Keerti has played an important role  in driving the company’s expansion and success over the last 8 years.

From a young age, Keerti exhibited a profound fascination for cricket and Formula-1 which subsequently acted as one of the fueling factors to co-found Hitwicket.

Keerti holds an engineering degree from VIT, Vellore, and gained valuable experience working with Indian Oil during her initial professional  career.  Subsequently,  she pursued her Master of Business Administration degree at the esteemed Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad.

Prior to Hitwicket, Keerti excelled in a leadership position at Amazon, where she led teams from India and North America. Her accomplishments and leadership qualities earned her the distinction of being chosen as one of the ‘Top 40 Global Women Business Leaders’ by the Government of Australia, representing the Gaming Industry on the global stage.

Keerti is deeply passionate about problem-solving and contributing to an enhanced user experience. At Hitwicket, she is committed to fostering greater inclusivity within the mobile gaming industry and championing women’s involvement at the forefront of both sports and gaming.

Aparajita Bharti, Co-founder at TQH Consulting

Aparajita is an Oxford alumni turned entrepreneur and co-founder at The Quantum Hub, a public policy consulting firm. With a Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree from Oxford University, Aparajita has rich experience in policy and communications. In her previous role, she was Manager, Corporate Affairs and Communications at Snapdeal. She was responsible for media messaging and engagement, as well as providing inputs on policy and legislative issues that affect the digital commerce sector.

Previously, Aparajita worked as a Legislative Assistant to Mr. N.K. Singh was, Member of Parliament, India and was one of the four Indians selected for the Faiths Act Fellowship by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation in 2011. She is also a World Economic Forum Global Shaper from the New Delhi hub.

Aparajita Bharti is expanding ideologies of entrepreneurship by being a one of a kind policy entrepreneur. She extensively works for Youth Advocacy in Policy making decisions through her initiative called Young Leaders of Active Citizenship.

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